Masonry Rebuilds Repointing Crown Repair

Masonry work and repairs are often needed on chimneys due to damage, improper construction or poor maintenance.

Crown Repair

The mortar crown is the first line of defense from water entering the masonry portion of the chimney. A cracked or damaged crown, if not resolved, can lead to expensive repairs. Water, through erosion and the freeze-thaw process (expansion and contraction), can damage mortar joints, damage the flue, lead to spalling bricks (the face of the brick falls off) or compromise the structural integrity of the entire chimney system. These latter issues need to be repaired by repointing portions of the chimney, relining of the flue, spot cutting and replacing the bad brick, or by a partial or complete rebuild of the chimney.

Once the water has entered the masonry portion of the chimney there is no telling where it could end up. Best case scenario it stays in the masonry portion of your chimney and the chimney needs to be repaired. The worst-case scenario is it enters your home. If this goes unnoticed it can lead to mold issues.

Both situations are less than ideal. Having the crown repaired can eliminate the need for any further repairs. Depending on the condition of the crown, it may need to be removed and re-laid. We use a concrete based mortar to ensure the crown is strong and not susceptible to cracking. If the crown is only showing early signs of cracking. It may only need to be sealed. We can seal the crown with a breathable crown sealant designed to prevent water from entering, while still allowing trapped moisture to escape.

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